Nina Könönen offers:

  • Dressagetraining (classical dressage, from beginners to medium level)
  • Training of horses (from foal to easy medium)
  • Enlighened equitation-seat training (EE)
  • In Hand-work
  • Riding instuctor work for riding schools
  • Theory lessons for small groups in lateral work, the learning theory of the horse and the seat
  • Clicker-training

I’m in Portugal till july 9th. I am easiest to contact through email or messenger until I arrive to Finland.

I live in Hämeenlinna in the south of Finland about 1 hour away from the capital Helsinki. My passion is classical dressage and I have been lucky to been able to train at a dressage yard and with schoolmasters in Portugal for almost a year in 2017-2018. I can teach in english, swedish and finnish.

I learnt the basics of the EE-method during my time in Portugal. This has made a huge difference in my riding as I understand better how to correct my seat, refine my aids and help others with their seat in much more detail. A balanced seat with clear aids is the basis for good riding. In addition you need a good learning atmosphere as well as knowledge about the behaviour, learning and movements of the horse. You will learn to correct and analyse your seat and to improve your co-operation with your horse when training with me.

My motto is sustainable riding which means that my goal is to give any horse a long life as a hobby or competition partner. This is also the aim of classical dressage.

My trainers in Portugal were Vicky Robain, Pru Clayton-Mead and Lucy Stoker at my home yard. Vicky, Pru and Lucy are all EE-instructors and have a background in classical dressage. On my days off I traveled to classical dressage trainer Mari Manty Faria Carvalho and working equitation rider Pedro Neves. Mari is finnish and also trains in Finland even though she lives in Portugal. I will continue training with her in Finland.

In Finland my most important trainer has been Anna Kilpelainen who is a horse trainer and dressage trainer. She has introduced me and thought me positive reinforcement (a.k.a clicker training) and that has been an important tool for me in horse training ever since.

Price list 

Riding and In Hand-work lessons

Hämeenlinna region (>40km)
Private lesson 45€
Group lesson 35€

Helsinki (capital region) and Tampere area (>100km)
Private lesson 55€
Group lesson 40€

The rest of Finland (2-3 days training, 6-9h lessons/day)
Private lesson 60€
Group lesson 45€

Training of the horse (ridden or in hand)

Hämeenlinna region  40€ 
Helsinki (capital region) and Tampere area 50€ 
The rest of Finland (combined with other lessons) 55€

The price does not include the tacking up of the horse.

Tacking the horse up 15€